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Search for New CHPC Director

CHPC has opened a nation-wide search for a new director. Julio Facelli, who was CHPC's director for nearly twenty years, resigned his position last fall to take charge of the Bioinformatics Core of the Center for Clinical and Translational Science in the Department of Bioinformatics. Since then Steven Corbato has been the acting director. We are soliciting our users' help in finding excellent candidates for this leadership position.

Click here to view the University posting.

All applicants must apply through the Human Resources process, but you are welcome to email Steve if you know a qualified person interested in the position.

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The Center for High Performance Computing

The University of Utah's Center for High Performance Computing provides large-scale computer systems, networking, and the expertise to optimize the use of these high-end technologies. CHPC facilitates advance in academic disciplines whose computational requirements exceed the resources available in individual colleges or departments. Since 1996 these collaborations have resulted in more than 861 technical publications. CHPC's purview is to support faculty and research groups whose main focus requires computing and advanced networking as core instrument(s) central to their research. For detailed information on CHPC activities for 2011-2012 please see our CHPC 2011-2012 Report (PDF).